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After School Program

Our After School Program supports and encourages the development of confidence, independence, and responsibility.  The program focuses on social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development by offering structured activities, clubs, and free choice activities.  There are no additional fees for any structured lesson or activity- your child's enrollment fee covers everything we have to offer!  Parents need to provide an afternoon snack for the children.

Our program begins when the children arrive after school and runs until 7pm each evening. The Brewer Community School bus picks up and drops off right at our front door.  Children will have their snack and time for homework, reading, or tutoring.  Inside/Outside Free Play and structured activities are scheduled throughout the rest of the day. 

Structured activities include: 


Dance Lessons in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop-  Each dance style is provided in a classic structure for 30 minutes per week per group of children.  Elevate will provide all ballet slippers and tap shoes for use at the center.  Children may use their own dance shoes if they have them and will need to remember to bring them on dance days. Elevate will provide all costumes for Showcases at no cost to parents/guardians.  Parents may choose to purchase their child’s costume(s) at cost from Elevate at any time before or within one week after a Showcase.  A signed Participation Form is required for children to be enrolled in any dance program at Elevate.


Tumbling Lessons-  Tumbling (aka Floor Gymnastics) is provided for one hour per group of children per week.  Skills learned in these classes range from the basics of forward and backward rolls up to more advanced tumbling such as tucks, layouts, and aerials.  Children will demonstrate their skills at Showcases.  A signed Participation Form is required for children to be enrolled in Tumbling Lessons.

Arts and Crafts-  All children have one hour of Arts and Crafts per week as a structured activity. Elevate provides children with materials and supplies needed for specific projects and Head Teachers give direction and assistance to children as they work on their projects.  Projects range in difficulty and type, from simple drawings and paintings to assembling beaded, knit, or wood working crafts.  Arts and crafts will also be available at times as a free choice activity.  

X-Box-  Children have scheduled times to play our physically active X-Box Kinect games.  

Art Club-  The Art Club meets once per week to develop and refine artistic skills and work on more difficult art projects.  Those who choose to will display their creations at the Winter and Summer Showcases.

Garden Club-  The Garden Club meets once per week and will learn about growing organic fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  The club will be responsible for helping tend the landscaping around the center and small raised beds of vegetables and annual flowers.  All vegetables grown and harvested will be used as fresh snacks.  

Drama Club-  The Drama Club meets once per week to learn about and develop skills in dramatic arts.  The club will put on short plays during Showcases.  

Choral Club-  The Choral Club meets once per week for voice lessons and group practice.  The club will demonstrate their skills at the Showcases.  

Music Club-  Music Club is for children who wish to or are already learning how to play musical instruments.  Club members will be given lessons on their personal instruments provided by the school or parents.  The club will perform at Showcases.

Logic Club-  The Logic Club meets once per week to play logic, strategy, and concept focused games, work on science experiments and logic projects, and practice both linear and abstract thinking skills.  Projects and some experiments will be on display at Showcases.

Lego club-  The Lego Club meets once per week to develop building plans and constructions given specific conditions and directions by the club leader.   The club is designed to foster creativity and cooperation within frameworks of individual and group projects.  

Movie Day-  Every-other Thursday and Friday the center will play a movie for the children. A notice will go out to parents/guardians of the upcoming week’s movie selection.  Movie Day is optional and children may do other structured or free choice activities during this time.

Outings-  The After School Program will include at least one Educational Outing per group of ten children.  These could be to a museum, a local farm, art gallery, etc.  Outings are free of charge to parents- Elevate will pay all entry fees and supply children with meals and snacks for the duration of the Outing.  

Showcases- Winter and Summer Showcases are free for families and friends of Elevate to attend.  Donations are greatly appreciated and will be accepted at the door to help fund Outings.

Before School Program

Our Before School Program begins at 6am.  Children will have free choice and structured activities and at least 20 minutes of outside time, weather permitting.  Elevate will not serve breakfast, but children are welcome to bring their meal from home and eat at the center at 7am.
Those going to Brewer Community School will be picked up at the center by the school bus.  Parents who would like Elevate to transport their child to other local schools will need to sign our Transportation Agreement and pay the mileage fee before we can provide transport. 

Summer Program

Elevate's Summer Program begins at 6am and runs until 7pm every week day during summer vacation.  

The Summer Program will include all the clubs and activities of the After School Program with a few alterations.  Each club will meet twice per week, Dance Classes will be extended to one hour per week, and Outings will be focused on FUN!  The Summer Program will include at least one Outing to each group of children.  These can be to national parks, state parks, amusement parks, zoos, etc.  There will also be bi-weekly Outings to the local community pool for free swim. 

Sunday Care

The center is open on Sundays from 6am-7pm when at least 20 children need care for the day.  Sunday Care will provide children with many structured activities and plenty of Free Play!

3 Hour Pre-K

Our School Readiness Program is for children ages 3-5.  The program runs from 8:30am-11:30am.  The program includes fun learning activities, games, arts and crafts, as well as gross and fine motor skills development activities and free play!  Academic goals of the program include but are not limited to: learning to visually recognize and write the letters of the alphabet in both capital and lowercase form, learn to sight read short words such as mom, dad, cat, dog, etc., learn standard colors and shapes, learn to count to 100 and to count backward from 10, and learn to add/subtract single digits.  

Full Day Pre-K

Full Day Pre-K includes everything in the 3 Hour Pre-K and so much more!  Children enrolled for a full day will have more time in learning stations, extended one-on-one learning time with a qualified teacher, additional activities such as traditional dance and tumbling lessons, additional outside play time, and of course time to rest!  Parents must supply children with a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.